Posted by: bhyman | June 5, 2008

Draft Questions

We’re only hours from the draft. Here are a few last minute questions:

Tyler from Florida: Where do you think Brett Lawrie will play in the minors and if he makes it to the majors? Do you think he would be able to stay at catcher? If he was a catcher for sure, would he rank ahead of Skipworth?

Lawrie is one of the best prep hitters in the entire draft. Although he has a strong arm, defense is the weakest part of his game. Scouts see him as either a third baseman or a catcher. I think third base is a better fit. Catcher is the most challenging position on the diamond and it would be a tall task to ask Lawrie to become a major league catcher. He’s got plenty of bat for third base, anyway. He is far behind Skipworth defensively, so we’ve got Skipworth ahead of Lawrie.

Why isn’t Jason Castro in your catchers position breakdown? Alot of mocks have him going in the first round.

Most Draft pundits believe that Castro is the third best amateur catcher, behind Buster Posey and Kyle Skipworth. He’s about average defensively and has put up a good season at Stanford in ’08, hitting .372/.423/.601 with 12 home runs in the Pac-10. The difference between Castro and the other catchers on this list (Blake Murphy, Kevin Dubler and Tim Park) is consistency. Castro hit only .167 in ’07 and .283 in ’06. Castro is included in our top 450, but we are not are as high on him as others because he hasn’t put together consistent numbers.

Listen to me at 5:30 pm on WNST-1570 AM (Baltimore) today as I breakdown the draft.


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