Posted by: bhyman | February 5, 2008

PECOTA’s Take on Our Players

PECOTA, Baseball Prospectus’ forecasting model, has been released in preparation for the 2008 season. It’s arguably the most accurate model out there and it’s available here. I won’t give away the state secrets, but I will mention that PECOTA is high on many of our draft team alumni. I’ve ranked our players by Upside. I’ve also included the names of players that PECOTA finds most similar to our guys at the same age. Please understand that these results reflect stats more than scouting reports.

  1. Joba Chamberlain (Tom Griffin, Dave Boswell, Curt Simmons, Roger Clemens)
  2. Tim Lincecum (Billy Loes, Rich Harden, Tom Gordon, Al Downing)
  3. Justin Snyder (Todd Betts, Myles Barnden, Mike Neal, Jim Austin)
  4. Lars Anderson (Chris Weinke, Mike Darr, Mike Whitlock, Bronson Sardinha)
  5. Justin Masterson (Nate Minchey, Richie Gardner, Chris Reitsma, Sean Bergman)
  6. Jeff Manship (Terric McFarlin, Reynol Mendoza, Kyle Yates, Jose Mieses)
  7. Jordan Walden (Blake Johnson, Nick Adenhart, Jamie Arnold, Yovani Gallardo)
  8. Matt Wieters (Jose Cruz, Jr, Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Kelly, Carlos Pena)
  9. Matt Latos (Jason Marquis, Jim Pittsley, Mike Jones, Tony McKnight)
  10. Chance Chapman (Carlos Fisher, Jeff Cosman, Jack Egbert, Jordan Tata)
  11. Travis Jones (Steven Tolleson, Dominique Laurin, George Arias, Elston Hansen)

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